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Alumni: About Our Work

About Our Work


Equitas Academy is committed to supporting 100 percent of scholars to and through a four-year college or university. Over 90 percent of Equitas scholars qualify for free/reduced lunch, and more than 90 percent will be the first in their family to graduate with a bachelor’s degree. First-generation, low-income scholars will face unique hurdles as they may lack people able to support their access to and through college. Studies show that fewer than 30 percent of eligible students in the bottom quarter of incomes even enroll in a four-year school. And among that group, fewer than half graduate.

However, it is clear that a college degree is the surest path to expanded opportunity and success. According to the U.S. Department of Education

Pursuing high-quality postsecondary education is one of the most important investments a student can make, and is the surest path to the middle class in our country. Americans with college degrees are more likely to live healthier lives, be more civically engaged in their communities, have good-paying jobs, and experience greater job security. America's students, families, and economic strength depend on a higher education system that helps everyone succeed. Achieving this goal requires making college more accessible and affordable—especially for historically underserved students—and ensuring that students graduate in a timely way with a meaningful degree that sets them up to thrive in careers and life.

Therefore, in order to achieve our mission, Equitas Academy supports alumni for 10 years after 8th grade culmination four years in high school, and up to six years through college graduation.

Our Vision

College must be for everyone. At Equitas Academy, our scholars and their families will have the support to overcome systemic challenges toward attaining a bachelor’s degree. The High School Preparation and Alumni Programs team vision is to provide opportunity for scholars and their families to access and navigate a demanding, high-quality education after Equitas and through college graduation. Through high school selection and preparation and comprehensive alumni supports, we aim to significantly contribute to the educational outcomes of the Pico-Union community.

Meet the Team

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