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January Core Value Awards: Optimism

Thank you for nominating your colleagues for Core Value Awards! Congratulations to our Core Value Award Winners for the month of January for exemplifying optimism. Please see their nominations below.


Maggie Sills from EQ nominated by Olivia Cole

I'd like to nominate Maggie for the Optimism award because she is always so positive! Maggie works to find the silver lining to a tough situation and always has a smile on her face. She is such a joyful and positive part of our EQ team!

Patricia Montañez from EQ2 nominated by Jose Iñiguez

In her first year as EQ2 SOM, Ms. Montanez has truly made a great difference in the face of changes and challenges. Long hours, tireless efforts, and a can-do attitude might be common at Equitas, but the energy and positivity Ms. Montanez brings to the table is unmatched. Her optimism and willingness to best serve our families brings a sense of normalcy and strength to 8th Street. Most recently, the January Cafecito illustrated just how deep her impact contributes to leadership's efforts--attendance was the strongest yet and families were overwhelmingly positive. Way to go, Patty! I am so grateful to work alongside you.

Tawana Martin from EQ3 nominated by Alison DeBoni

I nominate Tawana for optimism because she exudes it every day. Tawana is a proponent for not just noticing things that can be better, but coming up with solutions for how to make them that way. She is a powerful voice in making Equitas even better than it already is. During conversations with Tawana she exemplifies looking at life through a positive lens and helps others to see that too!

Esther Vadon from EQ4 nominated by Nancy Villagomez

Ms. Vadon exemplifies this value in the way she supports our scholars. She is enthusiastic about our scholars growth and always ensures that students are learning.

Brenda Arana from EQ5 nominated by Nancy Becerra

I am nominating Brenda because she is always positive with other team members and scholars no matter what is going on. She does not let a stressful day bring her down and it is something I admire.

Miguel Arias from Network nominated by Ashley Kinney

Optimism and growth mindset are closely linked, and Miguel continually shows optimism when working with scholars in our Network. When behaviors are challenging, or scholars are not transferring what they practice in counseling into the classroom, Miguel holds strong his belief that scholars can do it. When things don't go as planned, he sees it as an opportunity to learn more about the scholar and adapt how we support them. I am so happy he is a part of the team!

Jon Redgrift from EQ for Data nominated by Ashley Kinney

Jon uses data to push third grade instruction in every moment he can. As the 3rd grade math stories teacher, he is constantly looking at not just his data, but the data of the entire grade level. He uses this data to adapt to the needs of the scholars and plan additional interventions. He also looks at data through a growth lens and brings that focus on growth to both his classroom and the grade level!

Raquel Avina from EQ4 for Data nominated by Nancy Villagomez

Ms. Avina has done excellent work with keeping track of students who are chronically absent and has followed up with families to ensure we get all scholars at 100% attendance. She has created a tracker that allows for data to be accessed efficiently.