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December Core Value Awards!


Chelsea Wirschem



Chelsea is constantly giving contagious joy not only in the classroom with her scholars, but also with staff. She always offers a boost of encouragement and reassurance to tell you that you are doing your best. She is joyful, curious, understanding, and patient. She brings so much joy to EQ! Chelsea always has a smile on her face. She loves spending time with scholars and her class and has such a joyful patience in the work.  

Maria Del Rio


Maria always has a smile on her face, even when times get tough. She works hard every day to truly be the best for our scholars and our staff. I feel so lucky to work with her and I know our scholars feel lucky to have her as well! 


Irene Lunar


Irene always has a smile on her face and greets everyone--faculty, staff, and scholars with love and joy. She always brightens our classroom for Art and when she comes for snack, sharing fun craft videos. And I always enjoy our times together brainstorming ways to better help our scholars in 4th grade! She always brings a positive attitude for setting new goals!


Kim Aguilar


I am nominating Kim for the Joy award because she always exhibits her joy in connecting with each and every scholar at school. No matter how her day may be going, she always makes time to speak to students and support them emotionally. She greets scholars and staff with a smile and radiating positive energy. Always come to work with positive energy, and can be found with a genuine smile on her face.


Shae Anthony


Shae is always extremely joyful no matter if it's in the early mornings or at the end of a long day. Walking into her classroom means walking into a class with a classroom full of scholars displaying the same joy she does. Shae is always joyful and making the people around her laugh and smile. Not only is she joyful but her entire class is as well. 

Martha Esqueda


Martha continually supports our schools with poise, grace, and positivity. She is always willing to jump in and help her colleagues no matter the task. Thank you for your excellent contributions to our team! 




Congratulations to our Instructional and Non-Instructional Data Award Winners for the month of December. Check out their nominations below. 



Kallie Whilte


Kallie has been using data to not only meet the needs of scholars in her class but for her WHOLE team as a grade level lead to hone in on phonics skills using the BPST. Go Kallie! Kallie has gone above and beyond to use BPST data to sort phonics groups at EQ. She has helped our team isolate needed skills to accelerate scholar growth. She went above and beyond to create a separate tracker so we can see how groups have grown and when to re-test!

Leslie Ortega


Leslie truly lives and breathes data with her scholars and in LMU. She is constantly searching for different ways to use scholar data to better reach them and support them to achieve mastery. Leslie integrates scholar data into every lesson and subject she teaches. She has a writing chart where scholars reference what they are working on to improve their writing. With this chart they push themselves to become better writers through employing different first grade standards - until they will successfully use third grade standards! In math, she groups scholars and pulls small groups based on quiz data and MAP data for that particular content area while digging deeper into content for scholars who are ready for the next level, and in reading she developed reading groups resources to use with our higher scholars to continue to push their reading growth. We could all learn how to successfully analyze and use scholar data from Leslie! Leslie leads with data, and she is always sharing the instructional decisions she makes with her team in an effort to align and positively affect learning for all of our first graders. She uses data from Lexia, data from weekly quizzes and daily observational notes to guide her in the way she presents, supports, and stamps learning for both her scholars and colleagues. For these reasons, I believe she has earned recognition. Thank you for sharing your data decisions with us, Leslie!